Jeanne Dekkers: Sense & Care at Material Xperience

Jeanne Dekkers will be at Material Xperience 2015 on Friday, February 13 @ 14:00 to lecture about the results of Sense & Care: a platform for research that is part of Jeanne Dekkers Architecture. This platform researches sensory experience as a starting point to a better understanding of the built environment.

Literature that deals with the sensory experience, from works by Juhani Pallasmaa to Peter Zumthor, frequently refers to the concept of atmosphere. But to truly analyse and create a good atmosphere requires more than literature study. Sense & Care believe there should be a common language agreed upon so that sensory perception in design is more manageable and does not rely on varying descriptions of the word atmosphere.

Based on their analysis of sensory perception in the built environment, Jeanne Dekkers will discuss design tools developed by Sense & Care that assist in engaging sensory perception in design. You can find more information about Jeanne Dekkers Architecture here.

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