Tactility Factory at Material Xperience

Tactility Factory is an innovative, award winning company initiated by the collaborative practice of Trish Belford (textiles) and Ruth Morrow (architecture) in 2005.

Tactility Factory brings textile thinking and technologies to concrete manufacturing. It expands the potential of concrete from a cold, grey, acoustically harsh and unappealing substance to create surfaces that are warm, colourful, acoustically soft and appealing. They create ‘skins’ that are as robust yet can be manipulated in colour and pattern. The skins can be used in multiple applications. Tactility Factory’s specially developed textiles are the ‘clever’ part of the process, allowing them to produce articulated, patterned surfaces without the need for complex moulds or post-curing processes.

These skins can be used in luxury high-end interiors delivering unique surfaces with a crafted artisan experience. Tactility Factory’s technology can also be integrated into other precast products or used in a variety of products. Tactility Factory reinvents the experience of concrete.

You can choose from a range of four ‘infused concrete’ surfaces – Velvet, Crystal, Stitched Linen and Linen – which can be combined with a range of designs to create unique concrete and textile ‘skins’.

The work of Tactility Factory will be on display at Material Xperience 2015. You can register for free admission to this exhibition here.