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Lightweight Challenge

Team Materia will have over 100 of the most inspiring and innovative lightweight materials on show at the upcoming German trade show Industrial Supply. This professional event focuses on material suppliers and is aimed at manufacturers and designers who create stronger, more efficient and lightweight products.

Examples of the materials on show include Softouch, a polymer coating that feels like suede; Flaxtape, a unidirectional material for use in composites; and Segurova, a spongy, 3D anti-erosion fabric for outside use.

The exhibition’s theme for Industrial Supply 2014, Lightweight Challenge, ties in strongly to current trends in the world of design. Lightweight means efficient materials with lower transport costs and minimal material use.

This makes lightweight a very important material aspect in all forms of contemporary design. So the search for these materials is on-going. Materia’s exhibition will have a curated selection of the newest lightweight materials from the independent collection on display. In addition, many of the materials on show at the Materia exhibition display further characteristics, such as fire-proofing, insulation, strength and sustainability.

We will also be displaying several special items. These unique material applications include ultra-thin sliced natural stone, 2,5D printed materials and the natural column project, a lightweight printed material for large-scale construction.

Besides the exhibition of these materials and special items, Materia experts will be present throughout the show to provide visitors with further information.

So come and be inspired by all kinds of materials, from composites to completely renewable wood products and flax-reinforced materials to ultra-lightweight coatings.

This is the first time Materia will be present at Industrial Supply, and we hope that you will join us at the show to make it a great success! This year’s edition takes place from April 7th – 11th 2014 in Hannover, Germany.