Naturally Scented Tapestry

These tapestries from Modieus are made by combining 100% natural wool with innovatively scented backing made from Organoid materials including vanilla and rose, which sounds pretty delicious.

Using a hand tuft-gun, structured woolen surfaces are applied to the Organoid coating/backing. This innovative scented backing from Organoid is itself a natural composite material made from naturally biotic materials, in this instance including wood chips along with the vanilla and rose, ground to varying degrees of fineness and mixed with a natural binder. The resulting damp and flexible material mixture is then covered with a vacuum film and hermetically sealed. With the application of a defined negative pressure, this biocomposite hardens into its final form.

Although vanilla and rose are used here, the number of natural materials that can be used in this biocomposite is seemingly endless and includes in addition particles of spruce wood and bark chips, agave, coconut, barley, hemp, jute, lavender and much more. And when used with inflatable forms, numerous geometries are possible.

As for the tapestry, with the hand tuft-gun it possible to created structured surfaces onto the backing that include cut-pile, loop-pile, high and/or low pile heights. It is also possible to use 100% bamboo or silk yarns in place of wool to create a satiny finish.

The resulting tapestry has an interesting 3-dimensional structure and furthermore has acoustic, sound reducing properties.

In addition to using scented Organoid materials in carpeting, they can be used for numerous other design applications including wall paneling, acoustic tiles and even now smart phone cases. You can explore more about the innovation of Organoid material in our library here.