Surprisingly Lightweight G-Series Looks Heavy as Stone

This collection by SOHN studio is called the ‘g series’ because on first impression it looks heavy like stone, but is in fact extremely lightweight.

The surface coating used for the series is made with a new material similar to rubber along with nontoxic glue, water-based paint and calcium. Sponge pieces are then dipped into this liquid, a method which allows the designer to control the elasticity of the material. The outer coated forms a rigid exterior while the inner part remains soft. You can watch a video of the process here.

The deceptively lightweight pieces are then composed into two or three parts, forming modular blocks that can be used as a versatile seat or side table. Endless combinations and arrangements are possible.

The tough, natural stone looking exterior directly contradicts the materials the pieces are actually made of, offering an intriguing exploration of the transformative possibilities that are possible through material experimentation.

About SOHN Studio:

Sohn is the art director of SOHN studio. Sohn also means hand as well as craftsmanship in Korean. This design studio works not only in industrial design, but also mobile device design as well as experience design in IT.

Says Sohn of the studio’s design and material philosophy, ‘SOHN seeks new stories through finding new value and reconstructing relationships. We provide new and witty experience by re-interpreting the relationships between things such as object and space, flat and stereoscopic, and so on. SOHN works by using the appropriate materials for each story based on understanding the characteristics of materials and simultaneously researching objects, art service and lifestyle.’