Newcastle’s Intriguing Transparent Cubes

Nine different and intriguing transparent cubes have appeared over the past months around the English city of Newcastle. Each cube contains special objects and materials from the city’s building history and mark the sites of former venues. The cubes are part of the city’s free Roundabout Exhibition, which celebrates artwork created by local communities working together with artists-in-residence.

These cubes come from professional artist-in-residence Nicola Lynch. Telling stories of the region through materials, a particularly striking cube is located at a former boneyard near the river Tyne. The cube features bones suspended within the cubes.

Another cube, marking the location of the Ellison Arms pub contains half-filled pint glasses, while ‘The Gloria’ is filled with colourful plastic bingo balls. The St. Anthony’s School cube is filled with book and another, located in a landfill, is overlaid with a map of the river Tyne and is illuminated from within.

The locations for Lynch’s nine cubes were determined after talking to locals and hearing their stories of the local region. Of the working process, she says: “Roundabout has been a fantastic opportunity for me as an artist to work closely with a community over a number of months. I have enjoyed working with people of all ages on a variety of different projects and activities. The cubes were made at Pottery Bank Community Centre in response to residents’ ideas and comments.”

Tony Durcan, Assistant Director, Digital Newcastle at Newcastle City Council, said: “The use of art has enabled the people to communicate their thoughts on the impact of regeneration and change; and embark on a journey using memories from past and present times. The work has been fun and has evoked curiosity and great interest from people in and outside of the local community. The mixture of creativity including photography, model-making and literature has been a wonderful way for residents to reflect on the local area; and leaves a lasting legacy for everyone to be proud of for years to come.”

The exhibition starts this weekend at the Tyneside Cinema’s Pop Up Film School, which can be found on Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, and will be open until April 5. More here.