Keep your products cool with sheep’s wool insulation

With our oceans polluted with plastic, a lot of which consists of singe-use plastic from packaging, it’s good to see more and more companies turning to sustainable alternatives. The UK company Woolcool creates insulating packaging material made from sheep’s wool, to replace polystyrene.

Wool fibres are incredibly efficient at absorbing moisture from the air, which minimises humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures. Its great insulation properties keeps products cool or, as you no doubt know from your woollen jumper, warm.

Woolcool’s insulation is made from pure sheep’s wool, which is sustainable and compostable. After disposal, wool decomposes within 6-12 months.

To make the packaging material, Woolcool washes the sheared wool (they do not use plucked wool), using no harmful chemicals, additives or further sterilisation. Wool fibres have been scientifically proven to absorb and lock in bacteria. The wool is sealed within micro-perforated, recyclable, food-grade polyethylene wrap to prevent the fibres coming directly into contact with the packaged content. It’s suitable for both food and medicine.

To keep the content cool, the packaging material does require ice packs. The wool can keep the content between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius for up to 72 hours. The packaging is available in various sizes, from pouches to boxes.

Woolcool claims to have prevented the equivalent of 75 Olympic sized swimming pools of polystyrene from going to the landfill.

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Photos: Woolcool