ReWrap: A Bag Made from Trees

Fully biodegradable, this bag is made out of biobased materials, including those from trees. The aim of this design by studio reWrap is to show that it is possible to create a completely sustainable design with an elegant look. At the end of its lifetime, the bag can be composted to serve as fertilizer for new trees.

ReWrap developed a new sturdy and water resistant material for their bag by pressing coconut fibres together with sun-dried natural rubber. Coconut fiber is a typical and widely available byproduct of the coconut harvest while natural rubber, unlike its industrial variant, is completely biodegradable.

The other parts of the bag were also specially developed from biobased materials and include a clasp and handle made of walnut wood and an inner pocked lined with wood pulp fabric. Everything is polished, dyed and sewn together without the use of non-natural or toxic materials.

The reWrap brand is a small start Dutch start up company that strives to create stylish products with materials that do not burden the environment. The bags are crafted by people with a disability in a small workshop in Amsterdam.