Self-cleaning denim

A self-cleaning denim developed by Mannan Malik rarely needs to be washed, saving water, energy and your clothes in the process.

Mannan Malik wanted to preserve the perfect look of his newly purchased blue jeans and began to research alternative cleaning methods including freezing his jeans or soaking them. He ultimately stumbled upon the idea of weaving silver into denim. Odorless Jeans were the result. Silver woven into the fabric of these jeans kills bacteria  and furthermore creates a type of  “nanosphere” coating on the top of the fabric, which repels liquids and food.

Malik claims Odorless Jeans never, or at least rarely, need to be washed. He estimates that this saves an average of 3,800 liters of water during the lifetime of these jeans as compared to a standard pair of jeans.

There has been some criticism however about silver-implanted anti-odor clothing because of potential impact on marine life caused by tiny silver particles that wash down the drain. However, as Malik points out, if you are washing the jeans, you are defeating the purpose of self-cleaning fabrics in the first place.

He plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign later this year!


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