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The world’s first biomaterial toilet

The Block is a toilet designed by Pentagon Design for Woodio, made of Woodio’s wood composite.

While most toilets are made of ceramics, the Woodio Block toilet consists of a solid wood composite, developed in 2017 by Woodio. The wood composite is designed to replace ceramic and stone materials in a sustainable way.

The material originates with the idea of making wooden bathroom tiles, and continued when Woodio’s founders realized how big the carbon footprint of ceramics is.

Woodio’s material is a mixture of about 80 per cent wood chips, and resin-based adhesives, both biobased and fossil-based. It is made in Woodio’s home country of Finland of mostly renewable resources, including locally sourced aspen and side streams of the Finnish forest industry. The material requires a lot less water and energy than ceramics production. It is said to be very strong, impact-resistant, and dirt-repellent. Thanks to the high wood content, the toilet seat feels warm to the skin. The toilet is suitable with most flushing systems on the market according to the EU standard EN 14055: 2010. Woodio Block is available in ten different Northern nature-inspired colours. The toilet won the Design Plus Award 2023 powered by ISH at Frankfurt am Main.

The company also offers other bathroom furniture, like bathtub, washbasins and interior panels.

Photos: Woodio