This Magic Marker From Japan is Electric!

It may look like a typical marker…..but it is far from just any pen. Developed by Tokyo-based AgIC, this magic marker is made with a quick drying conductive ink that contains silver. Once the ink dries, it becomes an electrical circuit that can then be easily connected to a battery and an LED.

The ease with which this markers can be used allows people to explore how circuits work  – and have fun at the same time. There is even an ‘eraser’ pen if you don’t get your circuit quite right the first time. You can check out a fascinating video of this marker in action here.

AgIC CEO Shinya Shimizu sees education and the advertising industry as two key sectors where the technology could have a great impact. Last December, for example, AgIC developed interactive Christmas tree posters with the markers and LED’s at NTT Docomo’s flagship store in Tokyo. The poster advertsing allowed people to turn light on and off by touching the poster. In terms of education, some Japanese elementary schools are planning to begin using the markers in classes this year according to Shimizu.“This is a really good tool to learn about science,” Shimizu said.

Shimizu further speculates that the technology could be used in the future to create electric circuits with sensors on wallpaper, resulting in a smart home that can automatically respond to the movement of its inhabitats. This could be of great help in assisting the elderly to remain independent in their own homes.

But as clever and promising as the technology seems, Shimizu sees considerable room for improvement in AgIC’s magic marker. One limitation of the technology in particular is that it requires a special type of paper, similar to photo paper. Shimizu hopes in the future the ink will be able to work on pulp-based paper and other materials such as clothing.

In addition, Shimizu sees opportunity in creation of a larger community. “On our website, we will introduce what (users) can do with the ink,” he said. His hope is that users of the markers will create communities where they post examples of what they have made with their magic markers!


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