The world’s lightest wheelchair will be made from graphene

Swiss-based company Küschall, in partnership with a Formula 1 manufacturer, designed what they say is the world’s lightest wheelchair, made from graphene.

The Küschall Superstar, as the wheelchair will be called, has a frame that is 30 per cent lighter and 20 per cent stronger than classic carbon wheelchairs. Thanks to ‘space age’ material graphene, the frame of the wheelchair will weigh less than 1.5 kilograms (3 pounds).

Graphene, an atom-thin material made from graphite, is 200 times stronger than steel. One of the most trending materials, graphene has been used in many products, from paint to jackets, but for the wheelchair market, Küschall’s version is a first.

Using computer-aided design combined with the tube sizing, the company promises that the wheelchair will deliver an incredible performance. It’s top acceleration is 1.3 m/s2 and has 98 per cent propelling efficiency.

The Superstar will be tailor made to ensure a perfect fit for the user. It has an adaptable seating position and fully integrated seat cushion for optimal posture and comfort.

According to Küschall, 50 to 70 per cent of the wheelchair users will end up wit upper extremity injuries after 10 to 15 years. To counter this issue, the Superstar is designed to allow the wheels to be positioned in the optimal position for the user, enhancing a direct drive.

Currently, the wheelchair is still being developed, and Küschall is looking for people to help improve the design.

Images: Küschall