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BESE designs and sells products that are 100% biodegradable. They provide a temporary kick-start agent, that restores an ecosystem and degrades over time, leaving only a natural system behind. The products are also biobased, using waste streams like potato starch and shells.

Started in 2018, the team of BESE-products is based in the Netherlands. The team of biologists use field and expert knowledge to design products fit for nature restoration. Collaborations with local communities and scientists on 5 continents help us to constantly improve the products. New designs lean strongly on the principles of circularity (from nature) and biomimicry (adapted to nature’s needs).

BESE’s current products are BESE-elements (biodegradable and biobased matrix structure), BESE-reef paste (biobased coating), BESE-mesh bag (biodegradable net) and BESE-cable ties (biodegradable and biobased binding). They apply these products in more than 50 projects each year to kick-start nature around the globe.