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Our worldwide coffee consumption is good for more than 2 billion cups of coffee a day. These coffee grounds often end up in regular waste bins. That’s a shame! The colour, smell and atmosphere of coffee ensures that this material is great for making high-profile products.

Coffee Based is one of the largest coffee waste processors in the Netherlands. It developed various ‘biobased coffee grounds granules’ that can be used to make high quality products such as coffee panels, notebooks, plant pots and even food safe coffee cups! (Coffee Based material is the only waste based material available on the market that is food safe!). Coffee Based material makes the transition to a circular economy very tangible and visible because you can make high-quality products with material based on an everyday waste stream.

By collecting and recycling coffee waste, Coffee Based helps to reduce waste as well as the extraction and usage of new raw materials. After all, for every kilogram of coffee grounds used to make a new product, one kilogram less ‘virgin’ material is needed. Making the most beautiful interiors or products has never been so sustainable!

Coffee Recycle Service
Coffee Based material can even be made out of the customers own coffee grounds via the Coffee Recycle Service. By using this service, the coffee grounds are collected and transformed into coffee based material. And the great thing is, the participating companies get a part of their coffee grounds back in the form of new products.