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Vitrulan Textile Glass GmbH

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Vitrulan Textile Glass GmbH is a highly specialised German manufacturer of wall and ceiling coverings woven from glass yarns. Befitting an independent, family-owned business, they have focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing glass textile wall coverings since 1921. As of today, the company has become Europe’s leading supplier of glass-based wall coverings due to the consistent quality orientation and the constant stream of new product ideas.

Vitrulan glass textile wall coverings guarantees XXL benefits: certified functionality and an extraordinary performance in all construction sectors, be it hospitals, offices, hotels or schools, are just a few to name. Vitrulan products offer the right solution in all areas of application, whether the focus is on functional, ecological, design or economic aspects.

Why to choose glass-based fabrics
Glass has always been a raw material that people trust in – purely natural, hygienic and valuable. Glass-based wall coverings share those characteristics, as they are made of fine glass threads, which are then woven and refined to form the final fabrics. In addition, they offer unique practical benefits: Besides the cost saving potential due to easy application and an extremely long life cycle, walls and ceilings receive a permanent reinforcement and protection against external damage.

The innovative Vitrulan Aqua technology – just moisten and apply to the wall
Vitrulan wall coverings are equipped with the unique aqua technology – the adhesive has already been applied to the back of the product and just needs to be moistened with water to activate. No more adhesive residues, no more stocking of adhesive. In fact, no more adhesive at all! The aqua quick devices of Vitrulan make this job even quicker and easier – saves an entire work step and, in return, get perfectly smooth surfaces.

Glass fabrics protect buildings in the event of a fire
Glass fabric wallpapers for walls and ceilings offer excellent safety properties. Once the smoke alarm goes off, it is already an emergency. What will make a difference now is having materials inside the building that withstand high temperatures for as long as possible, will not burn and will not produce smoke. Another serious risk is posed by the toxic gases that can form during a fire. When planning new buildings and renovations, thought must therefore be given to preventive fire protection features. The materials used should have the highest fire rating and demonstrate excellent fire performance without any harmful health effects.

Tests confirm that glass fabric wallpapers meet the most stringent requirements because they never catch fire and do not produce smoke. For these reasons they have been used in children’s nurseries, schools and hospitals for years.

Thanks to their environmentally friendly components – no PVC or fire-retardant additives – they do not release toxic gases in smoldering or burning buildings. “This is a considerable advantage over other wall and ceiling coverings,” explains Lars Jentzen, Head of Marketing at Vitrulan. “Health risks can be minimized with glass fabrics. They prevent irritating smoke and toxic gases and stop the fire from spreading.” Vitrulan glass fabrics offer proven levels of safety. According to DIN 4102-1, the relevant test in Germany, Vitrulan glass fabrics in combination with the relevant paint and adhesive have the highest level of fire safety and are classed as non-combustible.

Environmentally friendly and healthy
Because of their good fire behavior and environmentally friendly composition, glass fabrics are listed in Class 1 of the comprehensive Standard 100 and have been awarded the OekoTex seal for confidence in textiles. This means they are classed in the “textiles for babies” category, are non-toxic and suitable for allergy sufferers. Glass fabrics are also water vapor permeable and breathable, so they contribute to a healthy indoor atmosphere. In independent tests they have achieved excellent scores for resilience, impact and scrub resistance. This makes glass fabrics much more hard-wearing than nonwoven and other traditional wallpapers.