MaterialDistrict Expo: Full Circle

During Frame Lab, you can enjoy the MaterialDistrict Expo on 20 & 21 February with the theme “Full Circle” in the Kromhouthal, Amsterdam (NL). This exhibition is entirely dedicated to circular materials. Can design push beyond the boundaries of sustainability, and achieve real social good? The circular economy is challenging designers and industry leaders to address issues affecting the entire supply chain. Activities that typically generate a deluge of waste and emission are in need of a radical rethink. Will we be able to create and consume with a truly clear conscience?

All the materials we choose and apply we make from available resources, but the capacity of these resources is limited. Each year, more people are born, while the consumer behaviour and CO2 emissions per person only increase. This means we have to use our resources smartly, reuse them as much as possible, and that the production process and use generates as little CO2 as possible. There are many developments that close the technocycle and the biocycle. This means recycle, upcycle, repair and increase the durability of materials like concrete, glass, plastic and metals, as well as increase the use of biobased and renewable resources like wood, bamboo, bioplastics, algae, seaweed, and fungi.

The MaterialDistrict Expo shows you 50 examples of sustainable and circular materials. How about sheet material made from horse dung, biodegradable and biocompatible bioplastic, flooring from recycled plastic, glaze made from recycled metal waste, or acoustic recycled cork wall panels? For exterior and interior use, with functional properties and aesthetic use: come and be inspired with all your senses, touch, feel and experience these new materials; the materials that matter in every sense.

About Frame Lab
Frame Lab is a two-day event organized in collaboration with the interior business association IBA, showcasing the future of spaces through a blend of talks, exhibitions, workshops, and panel discussions. Experimentation, curation and future trend forecasting are key elements as Frame Lab aims to surprise and engage.