Materials 2016

On April 20 and 21, Materia will be at Materials 2016 (Veldhoven) with the exhibition ‘Materializing Design.’ This exhibition is entirely devoted to the role of materials in the design process.

Materials 2016, the trade fair and congress for professionals involved in the selection and application of materials, is exploring the theme of “The Role of Materials and Technologies in the Success of a Product”  this year. Materia fits in perfectly with this theme, bringing over 100 innovative materials for design to Materials 2016.

In our built environment, everything around us is ‘materialized’, be it car wheel or guardrail, toothbrush or cheese packaging, window frame or helmet. And as part of this materialization, someone has made a material choice.  The choice of the material during the design process is integral to the success of the final result. How do I apply it? Should it be scratch resistant, UV resistant, malleable, durable, shock absorbing, anti-bacterial, transparent, flexible? Perhaps the material should feel nice or warm in your hand? Does it need to be insulating or acoustic? Could it maybe even have an additional ‘smart function,’ such as power generation and air purification?  The exhibition ‘Materializing Design’ will present a selection of 100 materials which may provide the answers to your material choice questions.

On Site Material Advice
On Thursday, April 21, Materia founder and Creative Director Els Zijlstra will be present to provide visitors with additional information and advice. And on the same day, at 15:35, Els Zijlstra will deliver a lecture in Room 1 about the importance of innovative materials, giving many inspiring examples and applications for the future.

Materials 2016 will take place on 20 and April 21, 2016 in Veldhoven, in the Eindhoven region often referred to as the Dutch design capital. The expected audience is broad, from equipment manufacturers and researchers to industrial designers and engineers.

Would you like to register for a free visit to Materials in 2016? That is of course possible. Visit the website and click the “Register for free access” button.

See you in Veldhoven!