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The Alouette material consists out of 3 collections, the Basic, the Wave and the Sand collection. Each collection contains its own structures which are available in 100 colours (plain, wood and metallic).
By using CNC cutters it’s possible to program larger surfaces and divide these surfaces afterwards, making it possible to create continuing patterns over different panels.
The panels are individually mantled with decor-film (seamless). The suture of these films is optimal and heat resistant according to the AMK norm.
– The panels can be delivered in any size (max. size 1250 x 2400 mm).
– The panels always continue flawlessly no matter what size.
– The panels are wholly finished, en therefore ready for direct application.
– furniture- and interior design: kitchen cabinets with continuous structures, replaceable decorative walls or exclusive desks.
Sensory specifications
The decor-films are being used for decades in the kitchen- and furniture industry. The decor-films meet the requirements set by these industries

Chemical stability:
DIN 68861 part 1 – Class 1B

Scratch resistance:
DIN 68861 part 4 – min Class 4D>= 1.0N

Abrasion resistance
DIN 68861 part 2 – min Class 2D (50RPM)).

Material Properties