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Art Panel

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Art Panel is an interior cladding solution that is made from aluminium composite panel and which can be finished in a range of personalized colours, forms and textures.
Art-Panel will make prior to manufacturing, samples in scale of the wall (i.e. 20meters x 3,2 meters). Than they design A3 size samples. After approval of the designs, the panels will be made in the actual size. The size of panels can vary from: 3200 x 1250mm (maximum size), 1000 x 600mm to customized sizes according to the wall design.
The metal panels have an entirely manual and unique design. The collections proposed by Art-Panel for artistic murals are models that have already been made. Art-Panel works closely with the architect and the interior designer to create the desired motif, whether expressionist or abstract. These motifs are then scaled to the required surface. Each panel is numbered to facilitate assembly.

Each collection is designed to give a different personality to every surface. From neutral colours, the ideal choice for large surfaces, to panels with three-dimensional engravings where form takes centre stage, through explosions of colour that have never before been seen in the world of wall cladding. The collections have been designed so that they con combine. For example. if they insert a few panels from the colour collection on a large surface with neutral panels, we get areas with different characteristics and all filled with light and colour.

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