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The Artos product family contains metal fabrics of high quality and in various optical appearances for architecture and design.

Artos stainless-steel wire-mesh for interiors and exteriors have a formable design and functionality. Whether horizontal, vertical, bent or rolled, they provide ceilings, walls, facades and balustrades with a new appearance. The durability of high-grade steel against corrosion and weather is decisive for long-life and continuing aesthetics.

Beta 1 is coined by a lively surface. The fabric is rather dense and of high stiffness. Stiff in the direction of the weft and flexible in the other direction, this wire-cloth has its optimum application as wall- or ceiling elements, on facades or as partition walls.

Properties; material: warp: 2mm, open area: 31.60%, weight: 7.43kg/sqm

Sigma 1 is a fabric with high translucency, flexible in the direction of the warp, stiff in the other direction. Variable in its weave ability with 2, 3 or 4 warps and customizable in the mesh size, one can reach a great range of openness. Suitable for wall- or ceiling coverings, on facades or as sun protection, as well as for banister fillings or balconies.

Properties; warp: 4 x 1 mm, open area: 43.97%, weight: 6.61kg/sqm

Alpha is characterised by its stiffness in two directions, as the same rod material is used for the warp and for the weft thread. It is often used for covering wall, ceiling, or heating elements.

Properties; warp: 1.75 x 0.6 mm, open area: 43.30%, weight: 2.63kg/sqm

Gamma 3 is a very fine woven material, flexible in the direction of the warp and simultaneously stiff in the direction of the weft. Due to its textile character, it is often used for luxury interior designs as suspended ceilings, wall coverings as well as for trade fair constructions.

Properties; warp: 3 x 0.5 mm, open area: 34.80%, weight: 3.82 kg/sqm

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