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Betonada Rust

Grey, brown
Betonada Ltd

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The Betonada and Betonada Rust materials are cladding developments which display a natural, concrete finishing. The finish is usable of a wide range of substrate layers, and can be applied up to about 3 mm thickness.

Application of the Betonada is performed manually, in multiple layers, and then sealed with a compatible sealant before use. The result is strong, elastic and does not crack. The layer protects from absorption, mould, oil stains and exposure to chemicals.

The material can be applied directly to existing floors, walls and furniture, but also on top of concrete or MDF boards, in any colour. The material thickness does not affect the height of ceilings/doors. The material can be used as a uniform concrete spread over large areas, without the need for divisions or expansion joints or cracks.

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