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Bicicleta rug


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Designed by Nani Marquina and Ariadna Miquel, made entirely from recycled bicycle inner-tubes, the Bicicleta is a soft carpet with a shag of wide black loops. Each rug is made using 130/140 bicycle inner tubes, collected and processed in India. The hand loomed system uses a manually actuated loom. It consists of a device that allows the insertion and extraction of rods that fix the height of the pile, also allowing it to be cut. It uses three warps and one woof interconnected, forming a rigid and sturdy structure that holds the wool. It allows the production of both looped and cut pile. It only permits simple designs.
It was inspired by a trip to India, where bicycling is the primary means of transportation. The Bicicleta also furthers the company’s mission of using alternative, environmentally friendly materials to create new textures for their carpets. We can therefore state that nanimarquina is contributing to putting an end to waste rubber in the form of inner tubes. This exclusive design makes it possible to transfer rubber from the garbage in the village streets to the living rooms, studios and terraces of houses across half the world. How far can a bike go!

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