Washi Artisan Parchment

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Washi, handcrafted Japanese parchment is made from the elongated fibres of a variety of plants. The typical raw materials are kozo, mitsumata, gampi and hemp. Paper/Parchment can be made from any plant which has fibre, but these four plants are the best. Washi is made of the fibre of the bark. The fibres are stripped, cleaned, pounded and stretched. They are then mixed in a solution made from tororo-aoi, a variety of sticky mountain potato. The mixture is spread thinly and evenly across bamboo screens, where it is then left to dry. The resulting paper is both durable and beautiful.
Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating can be applied to any premium parchment to make it water-resistant. It can a protect from water, oils, or environmental pollutants and also maintain the breathable nature of the parchment. The premium parchment is 100% eco-friendly.

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