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Clay Plaster


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These plasters are a natural, environmentally friendly way to finish an interior. We like the non-toxic these plasters as an alternative to paint, wallpaper, cement and acrylic and gypsum based plasters.

The original clay plaster is made in the USA. It provides a durable, elegant finish for interior walls.  The manufacturer, American Clay, offers a large range of colours and almost unlimited textures.

Clay plaster creates a healthy indoor climate due to the many natural properties. It naturally balances humidity. Mould, pollen and dust do not adhere to clay plaster, benefiting those with allergies.

The plaster also has a highly particular, clean appearance. It is strong and durable, as well as flexible, meaning it also does not tear easily. It stays clean and it does not attract dust. It is easy to repair and it eliminates the need to repaint year after year which makes it very cost-effective.

The manufacturers state that the clay plaster helps create a healthy environment by ‘buffering’ the effects of moisture in a room. Pores in the clay absorb moisture, and release it as the air dries out, say after showering in a bathroom. This continual exchange of moisture inhibits the growth of mould, toxins and pollens and reduces energy use. The plaster is relatively warm to the touch in winter and equally cool to the touch in summer. The plasters by American Clay can be finished in almost any way imaginable and are available in many different colours.

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