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Coatacoustic is made from perforated gypsum-cardboard panels on which an acoustic foil is mounted. The perforations serve as a passageway for letting sound waves through (absorbtion effect) and it forms the basis for the acoustic spray coating with which Coatacoustic is finished.
Coatacoustic works by creating a plenum (hollow space) behind the panels. This means that a suspended ceiling or hollow wall is necessary. The best ceiling structure is a structure of C-shaped galvanized steel ceiling profiles. Hollow walls can be made with metal-stud profiles. The gypsum-cardboard panels are suspended from this ceiling structure and provided with a base coating, after all joints have been closed. Then the acoustic spray-coating is applied.
Coatacoustic panels have a class 2 NEN 6065 fire-rating and a low smoke production. It may therefore be used in every type of space, except escape routes or prison cells. The maximum size that can be achieved without joints is 15 x 15 meters. Light spots can be attached to the ceiling, heavy light armatures should be fixed to a special supportive structure.

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