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Slat system with tongue and groove edges for quick and easy installation
It has been developed for a simple and fast interior construction. The special tongue-groove system on the edges of the slats and accessories such as wall corners guarantee easy installation and offer countless design options for commercial, residential and retail applications.

Simple and fast processing
The slat system is easy to mount on the wall and ceiling with the tongue and groove edge profiles.

Design options
Compact panel – Trend offers many design options for wall (vertical and horizontal) and ceiling.

Very high absorption
Performance Excellent absorption in all frequency ranges with an alpha-w value up to 0.75. Walls and ceilings are essential for achieving acoustic comfort. When using the Compact Panel – Trend, the combination of reflection, diffusion and absorption can be fully adapted to the requirements for the room in question. An MDF board is used as a support, which is drilled in different versions on the visible side and on the back.

The surface and edge finish are freely selectable – colored lacquers according to RAL / NCS are possible, but also a design with real wood veneer, a melamine surface or an HPL coating. Available in 2 models: TL, TT. The TL model has a small opening (oval shape) visible on the visible side. This is achieved by a staggered single slot pattern from the opposite side. With the TT model, a round 8 mm perforation is visible on the visible side with a choice of a regular or staggered single drilling pattern center to center 16 or 32 mm.

The models are available in different versions and on the visible side have a groove of 2, 3 or 4 mm. The following versions are possible:

  • 2 mm groove: 6/2, 9/2, 14/2, 30/2, 46/2
  • 3 mm groove: 13/3
  • 4mm groove: 12/4, 28/4

Many options for interior design. Compact Panel – Trend offers architects freedom of design, with various finishing options. Compact Panel – Trend panels with tongue and groove are supplied with mounting materials.

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