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When the 1.5mm (0.059″) Lightweight Concrete is applied to various panels such as plywood, MDF or sheet material, to provide just a few examples, the possibilities are unlimited for architectural and design applications, trade shows, shops and retail cabinets. Millwork companies can use automatic edgebander to produce solid concrete panel. Carpenters and installers do not need to use special equipment.

  • With a surface weight of 2.25 kg / m2 (0.46 lbs. / Sq. Ft.) It is lightweight compared to a real concrete wall.
  • Weight savings up to 90%!
  • Available on request: composite material fire resistant according to DIN EN 13501-1.
  • Easily processed with standard woodworking equipment without excessive tool wear.
  • The concrete surface can be used for temporary floors at fairs and exhibitions.

Lightweight concrete panels are available in an acoustic version, equipped with Mini Micro perforation.

All Lightweight Concrete standard panels are pre-painted at the factory with Acoustic Trend’s water-based two-component acrylic sealant “WBAS 1993”. Vertical applications for walls and the furniture sector are thus protected against pollution. Horizontal applications for shelves, tables and other uses that are subject to heavier wear and stress must eventually be fully coated (including the edges) after processing / machining. The WBAS 1993 kit can be applied with a gun or with a hand roller. For further processing information regarding the use of WBAS 1993, see the accompanying technical data sheet.

Lightweight Concrete on a mineral base layer for direct installation and bonding in total thickness 3 mm. For temporary applications that are put in place with the adhesive mesh or glued firmly with an MS polymer adhesive.

Bonding & Lightweight Concrete Pur 1.5 mm
For further application, Acoustic Trend offers a 1.5 mm pure concrete slab for direct bonding. Two slave boards with viewing windows provide protection during transportation and help support the cut sheets. Bonding Lightweight Concrete wood composite boards can be done with dispersion adhesive, contact adhesive and reactive resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Backing / backing paper
Free-standing applications, such as fronts, require a lightweight concrete layer on both sides. In the case of permanently attached elements, an opposing backing paper may be sufficient depending on the size of the element and the installation conditions. In the factory, all standard panels are glued on both sides with 1.5 mm thick Lightweight Concrete on a 16 mm thick B1-MDF with PUR hot melt. All panels are fire resistant and fall under the fire resistant consolidated certification B-s2, d0. The processor is responsible for checking that the Lightweight Concrete products are suitable for the intended application.

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