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- story by MaterialDistrict

Compensatiesteen (‘compensation stone’) is a new building material, consisting of sand, granulates, and slags as binding agent. CO2 reacts with this binding agent, creating a new, hard, stone-like construction material. Compensatiesteen is unique because it is both a very sustainable and an industrial product, which is affordable and can be applied easily.

During the production of the material, CO2 is absorbed, about 250 kg/m³. The material is guaranteed to absorb CO2.

The material is angular with a grey colour. The blocks have a smooth surface and can be equipped with a chamfer. At the front and back, they have a profile, and at the top and bottom a tongue and groove profile.

For now, Compensatiesteen is available for non-supporting walls, but it is expected that use for constructive applications will become available in the second half of 2017. The blocks can be cut in the right size using common cutting machines for stone-like materials.

For Compensatiesteen, a special, low CO2, adhesive mortar was developed. This mortar has a similar colour as Compensatiesteen and comes in waterproof PE bags of 25 kg. The properties of the mortar have been adjusted to match the material properties (smoothness, adhesion, density).

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