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Custom Shaped Stainless Steel

Inox Colour

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Inox Form develops and manufactures customised metal components in a wide range of shapes, finishes and colours – based on specifications provided by architects and designers. The form, finish, reflectiveness and colour of the metal components can all be defined by the client. The fabrication processes are then designed to match these .
Different effects can be produced within the same series of products. Embossed patterns, for example, can vary from one panel to the next, the overall design emerging only when all the individual panels are fitted together. Intricate perforated patterns can combine to form a sophisticated decorative design, and selective colour shading on metal mesh can create impressive design effects.
The starting material is generally stainless steel, in the form of thin sheets with a matt, reflecting or milled surface. Some production modules can handle panel sizes of up to 2000 x 6000 mm.
Options for surface finishes include pickled and electropolished, ground, brushed, bead-blasted and mechanically polished, electrolytically coloured (interference colours) or coloured by means of vapour deposition. These finishes can be directional or non-directional, covering the entire surface or only selected areas.
Engraving and forming is carried out on CNC machines. Embossed designs can be applied as dots or lines or impressed on larger areas. Shapes are produced by deep drawing using flexible interchangeable modular presses. Outer contours, inner shapes and perforation patterns are punched and cut out by laser beam. Also available are computer-controlled folding presses and standard sheet-metal joining techniques.

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