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Expanded Polypropylene


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JSP is a manufacturer of expanded plastic foams, including Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). Expanded bead foams, in various forms, are raw materials for moulding finished parts. These finished parts may be components in a system, such as with automotive bumper systems, or stand-alone products, such as with dunnage, or reusable product packaging for industry.EPP, Porous EPP and EPE are recyclable, environmentally-sound materials. EPP readily absorbs energy – the main reason it’sused extensively as a key component of energy management systems in automotive bumpers and other applications. EPP resists repeated blows by returning to its original shape after absorbing impact energy.
EPP can be made lightweight, which can be an added benefit. For example, weight savings in automotive applications contribute to overall fuel economy. Not only can EPP serve as a cushioning and dampening material, it can provide load-bearing capabilities in certain applications. One or more portions of an EPP component can be made denser than another portion within that same component.
Because of its closed-cell foam structure, EPP has thermal properties that can be an advantage in some applications. EPP is chemically inert, and is functionally unaffected by exposure to water, most oils and chemicals.
There are formulations of EPP that are resistant to UV exposure, physical abuse, temperature extremes (from freezing to 130° C), abrasion, and other environmental stresses. As a closed-cell foam, EPP provides long term buoyancy, and is virtually unaffected when exposed to salt water. EPP has “memory,” that is, it bends yet returns to its original shape. Porous EPP insulates sound very effectively in specific frequency ranges. It may also be used in combination with other materials.

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