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DG-Lux Plus is reinforced granite. Because of the glass fibre layer at the back of the granite, thickness of the slabs can be kept at a minimum of 6mm to 12mm, remaining high strength. The two materials of this composite are fixed to each other with an epoxy resin.

Advantages of DG-Lux Plus are:
– Same appearance, lower weight.
– Less natural stone required.
– Lighter constructions.
– Easier handling.

Much used for covering floors and walls, DG-Lux Plus is also strong enough to be used for kitchen countertops, tabletops and furniture. The slabs can be sawed, pierced and polished with ordinary tools. Minimum size of the slabs is 2800x1400mm and available in 20 colours.

The two photos at the left are showing the granite top (above) and the glass fibre underlayer (bottom)

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