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Aluminium Louverscreen protects mainly against transmitted solar radiation, which typically accounts for about 80% of the total solar load coming through windows. While blocking the sunrays and offering shade and privacy, ventilation is still possible.

When the sun is above an angle of 31 degrees, 100% shade is provided. This becomes less when the sun is lower, but stops at 51% shade when the sun is at an angle of 0 degrees. The space behind the Louverscreens is not completely dark because of the reflections and useful daylight coming through at angles between 0 and 31 degrees.

Without any moving parts and small use of material, Louverscreens are next to effective also very efficient. The black finished variation offers an even higher efficiency because of reduced reflection of both direct and indirect rays. Louverscreens are all through corrosion-resistant and require a minimized maintenance. Coloured versions are available from factory. Maximum sheetsize 3500x6000mm.

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