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- story by MaterialDistrict

Pearlnera contains transparent glass beads, bound with minerals. A special polishing process brings to light the delicate transparency of the beads. Thus, the material looks airy and three-dimensional, even though its surface is perfectly smooth and dense.

Pearlnera was developed as an addition to the terrazzo-stone program by Materialraumform and has very similar qualities. Since Pearlnera can be manufactured in the form of slabs of very different sizes, it can be used for worktops (for example, countertops for kitchens), but it can also be laid like floor tiles.

The optical appearance is enhanced by changes in the incident of light. Pearlnera looks different depending on the way it is illuminated; the material is oscillating between transparency, depth, and mirror-like reflections. The three-dimensional shape of the objects additionally emphasizes these effects.

The glass beads embedded in Pearlnera evoke associations of frozen drops of water. This has inspired Materialraumform to design, and to produce serially, a line of products especially for bathrooms and other sanitary facilities.

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