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Etalbond is an aluminium composite panel, made by Elval Colour in Greece. Etalbond is one of the very few composite panels made within one single company, a fully vertically integrated production, ensuring the highest quality possible.

The raw material aluminium is casted, roll formed and coated. The final stage is the assembly of the coil materials with its core. Having everything done within one company, results a high quality in combination with the lowest Carbon footprint. As Elval Colour offers a unique buy-back warranty at the end of its long lifespan, it is without saying that Etalbond has a high score on sustainability.

Etalbond is available is three different fire ratings according to the EN 13501: Class D, B and from now on also in A2. This enables you to design a façade that meets all standards in matter of safety.

Having its origin in the coil coating business, Etalbond can rely on the best level of coatings. Standard the coatings can be applied without any limitation. For those areas where a higher level of pollution or industry is present, special coatings can be applied. That ensures a long lasting coating that keeps its original appearance.

Etalbond is available in a wide range of standard colours. There are three main groups of colours: plain colours in both solid and metallic (over 20 different colours), coatings with a small texture in the surface of the paint (textured colours, 23 different standard colours) and premium metallic colours. The premium metallic colours include various metal looks like zinc, copper, Cortensteel, and anodized painted surfaces.

It is possible to produce Etalbond panels in custom-made colours. A Ral-, NCS- or Pantone colour code is sufficient to order the colour of your liking.

Etalbond can be installed easily. There are two main groups of fixing: visible and non-visible fixings. Riveting flat sheets of Etalbond is a very cost efficient way of installing the panels. The rivets can be made in the same colour as the panels in order to be less visible. Bonding or by means of hook on cassettes brings you an invisible fixing. Thanks to the folded edges, a cassette system is considered the high-end cladding solution with Etalbond.

For each project, Creative Cladding can advise you the best method of installation, based on efficiency regarding production and installation, quality level and wind loads. Next to standard installation methods, we can support you with tailor made solutions.

Creative Cladding can provide you the service level you require. Flat sheets, unprocessed. Products ready to install, including all necessary engineering (elevations, sections, details, installation drawings, production drawings, static calculations). They are able to make complex 3D-shapes from Etalbond panels. By doing so, you can design budget friendly but unique and luxurious facades.

Etalbond meets all relevant standards in the EU-area. Iso 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, BBA approval and CTSB prove the high quality of the product. For various countries national certificates are available as well.

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