Eterno Unico, Chrono & Terrazzo


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This cementitious mineral floor is enriched with fragments of natural stone in a balanced grain graduation, giving it a modern look. The material is versatile, sustainable and exceptionally maintenance-friendly. The monumental character of Eterno harmonies with your design/architectural choices. A pure natural concept. The floors are decorative, functional and increase the sustainability of the building itself, always in accordance with your ideas and requirements.

The use, size and colours of mineral aggregates will be a factor in selecting the range of colours and can be combined in infinite varieties to create colour harmonies of every description. The aggregates are bonded with white cement, which can be coloured with organic pigments.

Eterno Chrono, Eterno Unico and Eterno Terrazzo is poured, cured, ground, and polished. The material can be poured in place or precast. It is mainly used as a finish for floors, walls or stairs, in both interior and exterior applications.

Durability and long life
The material is based on hi-tech concrete technology. The basic components are water, sand, aggregates and cement. Concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials known to man. The material is very durable, with a design life of at least 80 years. In environmental terms, it is useful to think of Eterno floors as having three phases of life – starting with its creation, then its use in buildings, and ending with reuse due to the design flexibility afforded by concrete solutions or recycling concrete once the project has reached the end of its viable use.

Material Properties