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Alternative to hardwood or creosote
FaunaWood has been developed as an alternative to fence posts made of tropical hardwood and wood treated with creosote. However, it is also an alternative to non-wood products such as plastic, steel and concrete.

Wood modification with wood
By means of an innovative biobased chemistry technique, European pine poles are modified with a bio-resin. A pyrolysis technique turns wood residues into raw material for the bio-resin, which is normally made from plant residues. This bio-resin is impregnated into the wood under high pressure, making the post resistant to damage.

The development of the pyrolysis technique also makes it possible to reuse an old FaunaWood pole as input for the bio-resin that will be placed in a new FaunaWood pole. This way the product is 100% circular!

100% wood solution
FaunaWood fence is peeled pine with a natural aesthetic appearance that blends well with nature. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests in Europe with an FSC® or PEFC certificate. FaunaWood has a good balance with the lifespan of additional products such as mesh and fasteners.

Efficient use of wood
By using peeled posts, waste from milling is avoided and the wood is used more efficiently. FaunaWood can also work with more local wood, so that dependence on a limited supply will no longer be a problem.

FaunaWood has been developed in the framework of the Bio4Products  project, which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 723070.

Material Properties