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Surface treatment protects against bacteria and viruses
VeroMetal® has been actively developing and producing antimicrobial coatings to protect our health for a number of years. Intensive research has resulted in a new unique antimicrobial finish; VeroMetal® Antimicrobial.

VeroMetal® Antimicrobial kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces, even in the dark. VeroMetal® Antimicrobial is a metal coating with a stainless steel appearance, based on an alloy of copper. The coating does not oxidize and has a self-cleaning action. A surface coated with the finish achieves an impressive killing rate of 99% in less than 30 minutes in UV light, and under an hour in the dark.

The latest VeroMetal® Antimicrobial finish ensures that every surface remains hygienic and clean. It also retains an immaculate stainless steel appearance, even after intensive use.

Hygienic and aesthetic
Copper has been known for its antibacterial properties since time immemorial, but copper is very sensitive to discoloration and oxidation. VeroMetal® Antimicrobial has a permanently clean stainless steel appearance, with the antibacterial properties of copper. In addition to being hygienically clean, significant objects and spaces also remain visually attractive.

VeroMetal® Antimicrobial is a liquid cold workable metal. The metal can be applied by a standard wet-paint process (spraying), using spatula or rollers on almost any surface, inside and out. The coating forms a wear-resistant, disinfectant layer.

Proven results
Many studies have been conducted. WFK Cleaning Technology Institute is one of the many organizations to have tested VeroMetal® Antimicrobial, confirming impressive results.

Virus-killing effect: The anti-viral properties of VeroMetal® Antimicrobial are extremely promising. Independent tests show that viruses * applied to a VeroMetal® Antimicrobial treated surface are neutralized within 30 minutes.
* (tested with bacteriophage Phi 6)

Antibacterial: In independent tests, the bacteria E. coli was completely inactivated within 30 to 60 minutes.

VeroMetal® Antimicrobial coating is also active in the dark. VeroMetal® Antimicrobial has its own antimicrobial capacity. Both sun and artificial light enhances the antiviral and antibacterial properties of the coating.

VeroMetal® Antimicrobial also ensures an efficient breakdown of complex organic molecules, such as the dissolution of the layer of grease left behind from fingerprints.

Endless possibilities
Almost any object can be given a layer of antibacterial coating. Think of ordinary utensils such as toilets, door handles, light switches, telephones, handles, balustrades, beds or cupboards. Entire work surfaces or walls can be seamlessly coated or plastered on site with VeroMetal® Antimicrobial.

The application possibilities are endless and include; cleanrooms, laboratories, and entire areas in hospitals and care homes. The (food) industry can also benefit from the hygiene qualities offered by VeroMetal® Antimicrobial. Applying it to surfaces is an effective way to control the spread of pathogens.

Is hygiene an important factor for your customers? Add the relevant selling point of hygiene to your products. Many companies have already started a process to integrate VeroMetal® Antimicrobial into their products.

Want to combat the spread of pathogens in your work environment? Applying VeroMetal® Antimicrobial to critical areas prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Every industry and product has specific characteristics, guidelines and requirements. Please contact VeroMetal to discuss the possibilities, or +31 45 5313 080.

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