Flax wallpaper


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Flax offers the opportunity to produce nonwovens with outstanding properties such as extreme tear-resistance, durability, and robustness at a relatively low production cost. This wallpaper is high tear- and UV-resistance, a soft touch, and has good insulating properties. It does not require a supporting material and can be applied directly to the wall with the specially developed glue for flax wallpaper.

The flax wallpaper is able to assimilate air humidity by absorbing moisture and releasing it when necessary, thus ensuring a good, natural indoor climate at any time. The flax wallpaper exclusively consists of natural components – flax and viscose. It is environmentally and health friendly, easily removable, and completely compostable.

The wallpaper can be imprinted or embroidered. A fluorocarbon free hydrophobizing can be applied which makes the wallpaper wash resistant and protects it against yellowing, without reducing its breathability.

Through their natural elastic module, their minimal mass in comparison to carbon or glass fibres, vibration dampening features, and their UV resistance, flax fibres have many advantages when compared to synthetic fibres. Another essential advantage of the flax fibre is its ecological cultivation and degradation. The cultivation of flax requires far less water in comparison to other natural fibres. Furthermore the flax fibre grows on meager soil and in adequate growing areas does not require any chemical fertiliser.

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