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found space tiles


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The tiles can be produced in large or small quantities on a commission basis. The commissions can also start from the form-finding point, where clients can work with Stephanie Davidson to make the original casts which will then be carried-though to the finished product stage.

Designed by Stephanie Davidson (Canadian architect and designer) is a series of ceramic tiles that “reach out” to be touched. The tiles encourage direct physical interaction; through touching and leaning, bodies find new niches for support, undulating folds and protrusions for resting, stimulating pressure points, or simply “fitting” like a garment. The finished tiles, after being materially translated into ceramic, freeze a posture, a moment of body-wall contact. Using humour, an experimental approach to materials, and an interest in incidental design, touchy-feely aims to provoke curiosity in, and more physical interaction with, the built environment.

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