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Halusite is a glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) with a thermosetting matrix combining outstanding shaping options with constructive advantages; first of all its stability and rigidity as well as its low weight. This highly translucent material is produced in many different colours and intensities. It is freely mouldable and thus allows the production of spherical surfaces. Compared to thermoplastics Halusite shows better breaking strength and is more UV- and weatherproof.

In addition to this Halusite has a high heat resistance, and meets sight or sun protection requirements towards the inside, as it allows filtered light to pass glare-free. The texture of this material may appear in many different variations with variable light dispersion properties. Examples are small bubbles and visible threads. Halusite is deliverable with several surfaces: smooth, rough and threaded with gel coatings, nano-coating or other refinement options.

Manufactured thicknesses are between 3 and 13mm with a maximum panel size of 8 square meters. Hahlbrock also provides custom-made moulding services.

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