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HaRiMex tube

United Kingdom

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HaRiMex handrailtube is a new design of a patterned – stainless steel tube, in which a color, any Ral, in the pattern is possible. The stainless steel look remeains visible and the color in the pattern indicates a unique 3- dimensional look to the whole.
The aesthetic effects gives poor seeing in society more reflection to this tuberail, and the pattern provides a better grip to use. This tube can be used in all environments and for all kind off purposes.
HaRiMex handrailtube is available in any RAL color, and can be produced in all Stainless steel grades including: 304 / 1.4301. 316 / 1.4401.
Diameter: 30 – 60 mm.
Length: 3000 and 6000 mm.
Gauges: 1,2 + 1,5 + 2.0 mm.s.

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