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- story by MaterialDistrict

Himalayan salt bricks have healing properties and offer a number of beneficial properties to modern living environments. Semi-translucent, the bricks glow a dark peach/pink to orange/burnt colour when lit from behind. Without light from behind, the bricks are a light peach/pink to dark peach/pink. In all cases, the bricks display varying colours, or veins of different colours, throughout the individual bricks.

Himalayan salt bricks are cut from pure crystal seams found in the Himalayas. When cut, the salt bricks are semi-translucent and range in colour from very light pink to deep orange and red. But it is the mineral composition of these bricks that really make them unique as building materials. Salt is a natural ionizer which means that as a material, it fosters the exchange of negative ions, or anions. When used in an interior environment, the salt blocks therefore lead to ion exchange, which helps to clean the surrounding air as well as create a bacteria-free environment. Additionally, this process assists in regulating water and blood pressure throughout the body.

The beneficial properties of salt bricks have even been referred to in a study at Columbia University, which confirmed that high densities of these anions in negatively charged environments are beneficial to human health, even helping to alleviate symptoms of depression.

Salt bricks are brick shaved and produced in standard dimensions.

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