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Husk collection features bio-composite material created from the discarded outermost layer of rice grains. The brand’s second major eco-initiative, Husk mosaics and solid surfaces, incorporate nearly one-fourth recycled agricultural waste. The collection is offered in four organic tones, each striking an ideal balance between natural warmth and contemporary chic.

With development of Husk, Sonite is helping to alleviate significant problems associated with rice production. Rice husks take very long to decompose and thus are not appropriate for composting or manure. Therefore, the 100 million tons of husk produced globally begins to impact the environment if not disposed of properly. In Vietnam, rice husk has been dumped in local rivers, causing big problems. Rice husks are composed mainly of cellulose, silica and lignin, and are a ‘Class A’ thermal insulation material. Husks are difficult to burn.

Husk features:
– Approximately 22% recycled agricultural content using rice husks discarded from the milling process.
– Available in mosaic tile and solid surface form.
– Eco-friendly material particularly suitable for green households, restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, spas, and cafés.

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