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Zelfo Technology GmbH engineers lignocellulosic natural fibres to produce self binding materials with agricultural new and residual fibre sources. The firm operates as a technology development company working together with clients/partners to develop solutions for their specific product requirements. They are specialised in producing highly fibrillated macro (MaFC) together with micro (MFC) and nano (NFC) cellulose fibres, either as separate entities or in controlled mixtures. Zelfo’s experience in these fields extends to sources from pre-processed and non-processed lignocellulosic fibres and they aim to generate the best performance properties from all constituent parts of the source material. End uses of the engineered fibres are as biobased binders, composites and absorbents etBagasse, Sawdust, Pin Chips (wood), Cotton waste, Cotton Bush, Hemp Hurds and Waste Fibre Kenaf, Coconut (Coir), Pineapple, Palm, Banana, Water Hyacinth, Seaweed, Bamboo, Reeds, Grasses.

Industrial sources are de-inking sludge, paper and board mill waste fibre streams, offcut cellulose and textiles. Post consumer sources are recycled paper and packaging materials. Where appropriate, the processed fibres can be combined with mineral fillers, synthetic fibres as well as with natural binders. They can also be used to extend synthetic binders thus making the final product more sustainable.

  • Black/Light fibre flecks is made of sisal (‘flume tow’ – industry residual fibre). Density +/- 1.35 g/cm3. Black pigment.
  • Mid Brown overall is made of coir (coconut ‘hair’- industry residual fibre). Density +/-1.35 g/cm3. No added colour.
  • Golden brown overall is made of waste packaging fibre (post consumer waste) + Sawdust (post industrial residual). +/- 1.35 g/cm3.
  • Yellow/White spots is made of cotton (industry residual) + Waste paper (Post consumer). Density +/- 1.5 g/cm3. Designed as a laminate finish. High wear characteristic.

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