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i-Mesh is a technical, sustainable and fully customisable textile for architecture and design. A brand new patented technology, a non-woven fabric made of durable, natural and unbeatable fibres, that can be applied for both outdoor and indoor installations.

For interiors, i-Mesh is used as divider within modern coworking spaces and contemporary offices, or as ceiling to cover the technical plants and spread the light in a charming way. Moreover, it can be applied as a wavy (or flat) curtain, or as screen for scenographies, due to its ability to react to light beams and motion graphics. In outdoor, i-Mesh characteristics are expressed at its best as shading solution. In fact, the i-Mesh shading solutions allow to see the sky without being dazzled: a unique effect with no competitors in the market.

The six basic colours are the natural ones of the fibres. In order to save additional costs, time and environment, i-Mesh make no use of dyes and it is manufactured in the following colours: white (fibreglass), black (carbon fibre), champagne (volcano fibre), clay colour (basalt), copper (Zylon®) and gold (Technora®).

i-Mesh is produced only in the form of bespoke panels. It means that the panels are made without production waste, because the innovative and patented production system provides tailored shapes for each project. The few scraps are used for arts, research and development projects.

i-Mesh complies with different fire resistance standards: USA | Class A (ASTM-E84); EU | B-s1-d0 (EN ISO 11925-2:2010); ITA | Classe 1 (UNI 9174:1987+A1:1996
UNI 9176:1998); CAN | FSR: 10 – SDC: 35 (CAN/ULC-S102-10). Upon request, i-Mesh can perform new tests to comply with your local standards.


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