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iCell Skiva is a flexible insulation batt for walls, roofs and floors. iCell is using environmentally-friendly labelled used newspapers, produced from pure cellulose fibres from softwood. The batt is hold together with bonding fibres. It is manufactured in a dry process with low energy consumption in a modern factory in Älvdalen, Sweden.

iCell Skiva is an excellent insulation against cold and heat thanks to low heat conductivity and high air flow resistance stopping convection. At the same time the insulation attenuates unwanted sounds and noise efficiently thanks to its structure and high density. The cellulose fibre has hygroscopic properties so that moisture in air is taken up and given away. That makes the building breathe, moisture is dried out without condensation.

The batts are easy to install thanks to their form stability, the ease of cutting them to size, and that they do not irritate your skin or your respiratory tract.

iCell Skiva is registered at BASTA (SE) and SundaHus Material Data. Construction Product Declaration is given as eBVD with Swedish Association of Construction Product Companies (Byggmaterialindustrierna).

Natural products, such as cellulose, have a by nature lower fire classification. They catch fire more easily than material made from glass or rock. However, iCell’s fire resistance can outperform glasswool in a construction. In combination with Swisspearl Windstopper we achieve a 60-minute fire resistance. EL60, EW60 and E60. Tests by renowned agencies (Peutz / Nieman) available on request.

Technical Properties:
Lambda value: 0,036 W/mK
Sound absorption alpha w: 1,0 (70mm thickness)
Fire classification: E
Nominal density: 32 kg/m3

Material Properties