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- story by Forbo Flooring


Marmoleum is the world’s first CO2 neutral floor!

Draughts in large parts of the world, overwhelming floods in other places, and hurricanes that become destructive and more powerful. The climate changes and still forests are cut down and we generate more CO2 every year.

If we do not change our behaviour, our children will inherit a world which is uninhabitable. We talk a lot about climate change, there are many good intentions, but what are we going to do? Forbo has taken another step: marmoleum floors are now CO2 neutral! With this, Forbo is the first company in the world that produces CO2 neutral floors. The basis of the floor is good, healthy and sustainable. It is made from renewable and natural resources. Aside from that, Forbo has reduced its use of fossil fuels for production and transport. Forbo is proud that aside from a nice design, it is also a Dutch master when it comes to sustainability.

Forbo thinks everyone has the right to a beautiful, healthy, fresh and inspiring environment to live, work, and learn, so it produces sustainably. The success is no longer determined by financial value or profit, but also social and ecological value. This process of ‘organising sustainably’ does not only require brainpower and vigour, but also the courage to keep dreaming even if things are tough economically.

Forbo’s floor adds to a better world for current and future generations, following Forbo’s motto ‘Creating a better environment’.

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