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Marmoreal is an engineered marble for architectural surfaces developed in collaboration with the British designer Max Lamb.

The material is offered in two colourways, one with a white background, the other black. Each version is composed of four classical Italian marbles and is suitable for interior and exterior architectural surfaces. It balances fifteenth-century craft traditions with modern engineered-stone technologies. The word ‘marmoreal’ means ‘marble-like’; this material is composed of approximately 95 percent marble and 5 percent polyester resin binders.

Marmoreal is available in a range of standard dimensions and finishes that suit the randomness of the material yet give the impression of a continuous surface. The smaller 30 × 30 cm tiles provide the flexibility to install in small spaces in a consistent grid. The 60 × 60 cm tiles and 305 × 124 cm slabs allow greater opportunities for customisation. Blocks measuring 305 × 124 × 85 cm are available on special request. Dzek offers a honed finish, which gives a perfectly matte, natural expression of the marbles, or a polished finish, which gives a more saturated, reflective surface.

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