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The alternative to hardwood, bamboo and composite. The most lifelike facade cladding in the world. Do you want to make your outdoor environment more beautiful with the beauty of nature, but with the performance of contemporary sustainable facade cladding? That’s possible, with Millboard. Millboard is designed to give you the ultimate blend of performance and lasting natural beauty.

Most regular wooden outdoor lofts and composite decking deform, crack, splinter, become slippery and discolour over time. These outdoor lofts and blinds also require a lot of maintenance. Sustainable Millboard is the first premium outdoor flooring company in the world to have its CO2 footprint rigorously verified. It is also UKAS accredited to the international standard ISO 14064-1 Verified Carbon Footprint Assurance Mark. For Millboard, no trees have been cut down in the rainforest and no polluting ships sail across the oceans. Millboard comes from England and is on average 50% lighter than wood.

Why choose Millboard?
Millboard has been developed as a better alternative to wooden cladding, without sacrificing sustainability. The true-to-life authenticity of the planks is truly special. They are coloured and finished by hand. This creates a natural colour nuance between the different planks. Millboard’s properties are listed below as reviewed.

  • The top plate is shaped/cast from real oak. Once attached, it is almost indistinguishable from real wood
  • Wood-free, does not splinter
  • Algae cannot adhere to Millboard planks
  • Certified low CO2 footprint
  • Produced with sustainable and recycled materials
  • Fresh and salt water resistant
  • Acoustic dampening
  • Does not work, does not shrink and does not or hardly expand
  • Extremely low maintenance, no chemicals required
  • Because the top layer is non-porous, stains are easy to remove.
  • Each plank is finished by hand to match the subtle nuances of real wood.
  • Resistant to UV and weather influences, hardly discolors, maximum 5% color reduction over 10 years (certified)!
  • 15 year warranty
  • Simple blind mechanical mounting.

Material Properties