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MR Fluid

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Magneto-rheological (MR) fluids respond to a magnetic field with a dramatic change in rheological behavior. These fluids can reversibly and instantaneously change from a free-flowing liquid to a semi-solid with controllable yield strength when exposed to a magnetic field.

In the absence of an applied field, MR fluids are reasonably well approximated as Newtonian liquids. For most engineering applications, a simple Bingham plastic model is effective in describing the essential, field-dependent fluid characteristics.

A typical MR fluid consists of 20-40 percent by volume of relatively pure, 3-10 micron diameter iron particles, suspended in a carrier liquid such as mineral oil, synthetic oil, water or glycol.

A variety of proprietary additives, similar to those found in commercial lubricants to discourage gravitational setting and promote particle suspension, are commonly added to LORD Corporation’s state-of-the-art MR fluids to enhance lubricity, modify viscosity and inhibit wear.

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